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Prevention is better than cure in the case of computer viruses, trojans, and malwares. At 8-Bit we recommend security and anti-virus, anti-trojan and anti-malware software for both individuals and corporate customers.

Our expert security professionals can help you protect your mission-critical business data in the form of files, folders, drives, emails from infecting viruses and attacks – come in to discuss your business needs.


By 8-Bit Staff

Data protection should be a main concern for any small, medium, or large enterprise. Without your data your business could grind to a halt. 

“Data attacks could come from unsuspecting emails, the innocent looking link in the browser, or an infected USB thumb drive used unwittingly by the office mail clerk”

Without a proper anti-virus plan your business is open to attacks. These attacks could be harmless fun, annoying advertising or worse, malicious intent by a competitor or an attempt to obtain financial gain through ransomware. Come see us at our 8-Bit office to find out how we can help you.


Here are the most common ways a computer virus can spread. They are:

  1. Accepting without reading
  2. Downloading any infected software
  3. Opening unknown e-mail attachments
  4. Inserting or connecting an infected disk, disc, or drive
  5. Clicking on and visiting unknown links
  6. Not running the latest updates
  7. Pirating software, music, or movies
  8. No antivirus spyware scanner
  9. Running unknown macros (for programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel)


Ransom malware, or ransomware, is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system or files and demands ransom payment in order to regain access.

There are three main types of ransomware, ranging in severity from mildly off-putting to ‘Cold War Crisis’ dangerous. They are as follows:


Scareware, in actual fact, is not that scary. It generally includes rogue security software and tech support scams. You might receive a pop-up message claiming that malware was discovered and the only way to get rid of it is to pay up. Apart from being annoying you could simply ignore. A good anti-virus and malware program should stop these pop-ups.

Screen lockers

Upgrade to your threat level concern for these guys. When lock-screen ransomware gets on your computer, it means they have real access to your computer and have locked you out of your PC entirely. Upon starting up your computer, a full-size window will appear, often accompanied by an official-looking FBI or government department seal saying illegal activity has been detected on your computer and you must pay a fine. However, the FBI would not freeze you out of your computer or demand payment for illegal activity.

Encrypting ransomware

This is the truly ‘sit up and pay attention’ stuff. These are the guys who overtake your files and encrypt them, demanding payment in order to decrypt and redeliver. The reason why this type of ransomware is so dangerous is because once cybercriminals get ahold of your files, there are only a very limited, high specialised options to return them to you.

One option of course is to pay the criminals and even if you do pay up, there’s no guarantee the cyber-criminals will give you those files back.

The other option is to talk to us at 8-Bit Technologies to see how you can decrypt your files.

Better yet, talk to us to see how we can prevent your virus, malware and ransomware issues from happening in the first place.

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