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At 8-Bit Technologies, we understand that you know how to use a computer and the programs you’ve installed. However not everyone is tech savvy enough to be able to figure out the inner workings of a laptop or a pc hardware or fix software when it fails. 


By 8-Bit Staff

A simple RAM upgrade can dramatically improve your laptop’s speed. A second hard drive can solve you data storage issues. A new graphics card can help connect you to your home entertainment system. Whatever the hardware upgrade – come and see as at 8-Bit Technologies.

“Before upgrading your computers hardware and/or software – make sure its a hard ware or software problem”

Computers need regular maintenance and cleanups to ensure efficient operation. Years of software installations, bloatware, malware, viruses, configuration neglect is a sure way to slow down your computer. Like a good haircut can help you feel fresh, then a trim and clean of unnecessary software could be your answer too – come and see us at 8-Bit Technologies.


At 8-Bit Technologies we will help you with all you hardware installation needs. This could be essential components like a cpu, ram, storage, gpus, cooling units, power supply or fans etc. Or we could also help in non-essential hardware installations like led strips, cable management, optical drives, media card readers etc. 


At 8-Bit Technologies we will help you with all you software installation needs. This could be from the main operating system of your choice to standard productivity applications like Office, creativity packages like Adobe or highly specialised software like AutoCad or Sony Vegas. Let 8-Bit help you configure and optimise your OS settings to achieve optimal performance. 

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