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At 8-Bit Technologies, we provide IT Consulting services to small and medium sized enterprises. Whether your a new business with 5 employees or an established enterprise of 20 employees – 8-Bit Technologies can provide you with professional and cost-effective IT solutions to met your specific needs. 


By 8-Bit Staff

Are you a business not big enough to employ a dedicated on-site IT department but big enough that managing your IT needs is becoming a burden and taking up too much time away from your core business?

If so then its time to talk to 8-Bit Technologies. We will assess your current IT assets and setup, discuss in detail your current and future IT needs and develop a proposal to suit. This proposal can range from a full weekend system overhaul and replacement to a staggered new-for-old replacement strategy. 

“What is the cloud? Should a business move to the cloud? What are the impacts to my business and do i still have control of my data?” 

In today’s age of business and seeking that competitive advantage, there should be little excuse for old, outdated systems, insecure data and poorly configured networks.  As this can jeopardise the business’ performance and affect your real potential and hence revenues.

8-Bit Technologies strongly believes that IT should never be seen as a liability and cost but more of an investment and enabler to the business. Our IT Consultancy service will provide the best solution to meet your needs and help your business’ efficiency.

At 8-Bit Technologies we understand SME and the challenges of expanding IT needs. We have seen how a convoluted and mismanaged IT system can impact a business. We’ve also seen how a streamlined and well managed IT system can support a SME. 

Combined with our additional services such as IT Installations & Fitouts, IT Managed Services and our IT Sales & Repair Service, 8-Bit Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide SME end-to-end IT solutions. Call us today to see how we can become your trusted and professional IT outsource partner.


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