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With careful planning a new office fit out or upgrade for your business does not have to be an arduous task. It can happen in a night or a weekend or during your designated shut down periods. 


By 8-Bit Staff


At 8-Bit Technologies we are uniquely positioned to truly provide end-to-end IT solutions. On one end we have IT consultants who can assess and provide you with an IT solutions. On the other end, our teams can manage, maintain and fix your IT needs.

However in the middle between this spectrum, sits our installation services team. We will take the proposed IT solution (ours or another 3rd party consultant of your choice) and install the required infrastructure in to your new office, your renovated office or expanded office. 

“IT design solution, installation, maintenance solution.” End-to-end service offerings by 8-Bit Technologies.

We will fit out your entire office from the server room to all workstation ports and printer room and even Wifi systems. We provide all associated laptops and workstations. All you will need to do is come in on Monday morning and start work.


Not all business have the luxury of removing all their IT assets and starting fresh. At 8-Bit Technologies, we work diligently with all our clients to upgrade any part of their IT assets to ensure smooth transition and minimise downtime and hence minimise lost productivity. 

Upgrades can include critical system components such as servers or switches to end user items such as desktops or laptops or printers. Whatever the device(s) are rest assured that 8-Bit will successfully upgrade your IT assets as per your business upgrade plan.



As part of any IT office upgrade managed by 8-Bit Technologies, we ensure we don’t leave you to deal with the old assets. We will remove them offsite and dispose of them in the most appropriate and environmentally friendly manner – guaranteed.

If your not planning on any IT asset upgrades but merely are looking to clean up and recycle excess or no longer used IT equipment that is piling up in the server rooms or under the workstation benches then call us at 8-Bit to organise a recycling assessment.


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