Managed IT Services

As the name ‘Managed IT Services’ indicates, we at 8-Bit will manage all your IT services needs – from network and pc hardware, software installations, configurations, maintenance and upgrades, proactive and reactive support and a lot more.


By 8-Bit Staff

Being the owner or manager of a business, your main focus is to run and expand the business. Technology in general and IT specifically, should serve your business aims and goals.

If however, you are spending too much time running around and organising IT related tasks, then that will directly impact the time you have to focus on the business.

Thus 8-Bit Technologies is your solution to your IT management issues. 

“A business manager manages a business…..likewise an IT professional manages IT”

Our IT consultants will detail your current IT needs and will formulate the most suitable Manages Service Plan for your specific business IT requirements.


All of our Managed Services Plans will include any or all of the following services:

  • Network configuration & management
  • IT monitoring
  • On-site support
  • Off-Site (Remote) support
  • IT hardware support
  • IT software support
  • Workstation support (HW & SW)
  • Printer support
  • Email and website hosting support
  • Server support
  • Backup and cloud services
  • Peripheral & accessories sales
  • and more

Call us or drop in to see us to arrange a meeting to see what 8-Bit Technologies can do to manage your IT Services.

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