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By 8-Bit Staff

Computer or laptop faults, breakages or failures are a common occurrence. However, what many people don’t realise is that repairing them is just as common. No longer is the only option to throw away and replace it with a new one.

“PC and laptop prices have dropped so much that it’s easier to just replace it! Is this really the case though?”

The question of price (and is it cheaper to just replace my pc or laptop) is a fairly simple one. Depending on the hardware fault at hand, repairing a pc and laptop is generally the cheapest option. 

But the cost of replacing a laptop or pc is not just about the dollar value. The installation of software programs and files from your old to the new is time consuming. Losing the tweaks, settings and configuration of years of work is also something to think about. 


Through the many years of repair services conducted here at 8-Bit Technologies, we asked our staff to list the top 15 common issues and faults our customers face with their devices. And here they are:

  1. liquid spill
  2. computer doesn’t turn on at all
  3. screen is blank
  4. screen is cracked
  5. computer turns on and off repeatedly
  6. computer makes weird noise while running
  7. computer shuts down or freezes randomly
  8. battery not charging properly
  9. screen light fails
  10. strange or garbled image on the screen
  11. some keyboard keys stopped working
  12. keyboard has missing or broken keys
  13. repetitive beep sound on startup
  14. power cord got pulled and laptop fell off the desk
  15. system was shut down before the operating system update was complete

If you experience any of these problems then we advise you to bring in your PC or laptop and have it inspected and repaired. 

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