At 8-Bit Technologies, we offer unmatched professional laptop & computer sales, repair & service. We understand IT from the largest hardware down to the smallest component. We ensure your data is preserved from the large terabyte to the smaller 8-bit.

Our Services


Not everything can be kept from being scratched or
cracked, braking or failing. However throwing them out is not the only solution.

We examine and asses all laptop and PC issues and provide your device with a new lease on life.

At 8-bit we specialise in Windows and MAC laptops,
desktops and smart devices.

Bring your device to our store to be assessed today.


A one size fits all policy is never a best approach, especially when it comes to IT. We tailor solutions to your specific needs – whether its high end 3D graphic design, high-definition video editing or for the latest in gaming.

At 8-Bit we understand IT hardware and software and how to get the best performance for any given combination or what limitations exist.

Discuss your next system build requirements with 8-bit Technologies today.


Looking for that latest graphics card, the next generation CPU, the widescreen monitor, or that unique cable for your pc home entertainment system or legacy printer? Then look no further.

At 8-bit we carry a great range of hardware ranging from cases, motherboards, CPUs, storage devices, headphones, batteries and chargers, cables and connectors, and inks & toners.

If we don’t stock it our extensive list of suppliers and
partners will be sure to have it.


Hard drive size & reliability has improved over the last few years. However failures, errors or bad sectors still happen.

At 8-bit we can help you prepare and take preventative measures. Or if you have current issues, then 8-bit can analyse, assess and in most cases recover your files. No more lost reports, customer data or cherished personal photos.

Discuss your requirements with 8-bit Technologies today.


If your laptop or PC is no longer running as well as it use to then it could mean you need an operating system update or security patch. It could also mean an upgrade to the newest OS. Hardware upgrades to RAM or hard drives could also be your solution.

Discuss your IT upgrade requirements and options with 8-bit Technologies today.


Data protection is a vital concern for any small, medium, or large enterprise. Without access to your business data then your whole operation could come to a grounding halt.

Our expert security professionals can help you protect your mission-critical business data in the form of files, folders, drives, emails from infecting viruses, malware and ransomware.


Are you a small to medium size business and need IT
support? Need network switches, shared storage, shared printing, remote access to your files for your staff, or emails from on their smartphone, tablet, or from home?

Let 8-Bit Technologies discuss all your IT hardware and software needs. Our consultant will take the time to discuss your requirements and provide the most appropriate solution.


Renovating your office or warehouse? Upgrading from a backroom storage cupboard to a dedicated IT server room? Or is your business relocating to a new building? Is your IT so critical to your business that you can not afford any downtime?

At 8-Bit Technologies, we can plan, decommission and recommission all your IT infrastructure equipment and office network fit-out needs in the least disruptive way possible. Discuss your requirements with 8-bit Technologies today.


As a business owner, you should be busy working on the business and not in the business. You should be setting sales targets, meeting clients and establishing new leads not worrying about slow running PC, data storage or bounced emails.

At 8-Bit Technologies, we can manage your day-to-day and major IT infrastructure so you don’t have to. Our professional will analyse your tech support needs and propose a regular service plan including proactive and reactive maintenance.


Cloud computing gives users access to their data whenever and wherever they have an internet connection. In today’s ever-changing business climate, it’s critical that small business owners are always ‘connected’ to their data, whether through their computers, tablets or mobile phones – or whether they’re in the office, out in the field or on the road.

This convenience that cloud computing provides is where 8-Bit Technologies will take you. Talk to our consultants to see how we can help your business transition to cloud computing