PC, MAC & Laptop Repairs

At 8-Bit Technologies, our professional service team will accept your job, anaylse and identify the issues and then repair. We will keep you informed along the way so you know exactly what the problem is and the cost of repairs are. Visit us today to discuss your repair needs.

Computer Problems?

Repair or Replace?

Computer or laptop faults, breakages, and failures are common occurrences.

However, what many people don’t realise is that repairing them is just as common. No longer is the only option to throw away and replace it with a new one.

The question of price is a fairly simple one. In most cases, repairing a pc and laptop is generally the cheapest option.

The question if environment is the second consideration. Do we really need to through our tech away and contribute to the global e-waste problem when a simple part replacement could have been the solution?

It's not just about $!

But the cost of replacing a laptop or pc is not just about the dollar value. The installation of all your software programs. The backup and transfer of files. The drivers and plugins. The tweaks and configuration you’ve spent years adjusting and fine-tuning to your liking. And what about the printer, scanner and WiFi connectivity?


Do you really want to spend your time doing all the above? Or perhaps just get your device fixed and back to work in minimal time?

Fix my IT hardware


Throughout the many years of repair services conducted here at 8-Bit Technologies, we asked our staff to list the most common issues and faults our customers face with their devices. And here they are.

Liquid Spills
Power Supply Failure
Broken Screen and/or Dead Pixels
Computer turns on and off repeatedly
Sysmten Update Failer and Blue Screen

Any repair to any device

Repair PC, Laptops, Tablets & Smart Devices

At 8-Bit Technologies, we prode ourselves in supporting all types and brands. From PCs to laptops, from Windows to MAC devices, from legacy devices to smart devices.

We stock and supply all basic components used in the repairs of your hardware. We stock an impressive component list from manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Acer, Asus….and much much more.

Simple Steps

what can we do for you?


We investigate your problem to help accurately identify something as the root cause or a symptom.


We repair components that are not broken and that can be srewed back in, re-soldered together, glued into place, clean and/or reconfigured.


For all hardware and components that are faulty or broken, we replace them from our extensive supply or search high and low from all our direct suppliers and partners.

Get your device on the road to repair today!

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