HW & SW Installations

At 8-Bit Technologies, we understand using a computer is fairly simple, as long as it all works. So when a problem arises, it could be a hardware problem, a software problem or configuration. At 8-Bit we'll help you identify the source of your problems.

Hardware vs Software


Computers need regular maintenance and cleanups to ensure efficient operation. Years of software installations, bloatware, malware, viruses, and configuration neglect is a sure way to slow down your computer. Like a good haircut can help you feel fresh, then trimming and cleaning of unnecessary software could be your answer too – come and see us at 8-Bit Technologies.


A simple RAM upgrade can dramatically improve your laptop’s speed. A second hard drive can solve your data storage issues. A new graphics card can help play those games better. Whatever the hardware upgrade – come and see us at 8-Bit Technologies

Hardware & Software


The pace of technological advancements is increasing every day. Things are getting smaller, faster and more efficient. Software is getting more streamlined and connected. A simple change can make a massive difference.

New Generation micro Processors
Multicore GPUs
Faster RAM
Efficient PSU
Solid State Harddrives

Hardware & Software

PC upgrade path

At 8-Bit Technologies, we try to understand your concerns and provide the solutions that are necessary. Sometimes the best solution is software. Perhaps a refresh installation, or an upgrade to your OS or a cleanup of bloated software is what’s slowing down your computer.

If the software is not the solution we then review the hardware. We could start with easy fixes like more hard drives, more RAM, or better graphics cards. After that, we assess the motherboard or CPU.

Shop for New Hardware

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