PC System Builds

Custom PC building is not exclusively for the extreme gamer or super geek. Building a PC is for anyone who needs a specific set of hardware and software that they simply can’t walk into a store and buy direct. For many its a simply fun and rewarding learning exercise – or completely frustrating if you’re new to computers. We hope the following tips from us at 8-Bit should help you.

Need a new system?


The custom PC build can be a complete nightmare – even for the PC enthusiast. Keeping up with different terms and technologies, and hardware updates let alone software can be quite a complex and time-consuming process. And once you figure it out there are sure to be new products on the market. However, as long as we take a few steps back from the whole ordeal and break down a PC into smaller manageable parts then we should be able to make it through the PC build minefeld.

Custom Build

Do you need a powerful custom PC built for you that will keep last multiple years?

Do you need peace of mind knowing that your new PC was built in Australia, with Australia sourced parts, with Australian warranty?

Do you need something special that you can’t just buy off the shelf?

At 8-Bit can help you find the PC you need, build it for you and support you for it’s entire life.

PC Parts


The fundamentals of any PC are the following: CPU, motherboard, memory (RAM), memory (ROM), and power supply. If you get these right then the rest is straightforward.

Graphics Card
Power Supply
Storage Harddrive

Performace vs Looks

Top of the range performance with styling to match

At 8-Bit Technologies, believe custom PC system builds should perform and look good. They should be a representation of you and your lifestyle.

From stylish cases, RGB lights, coloured fans and liquid cooling systems, express yourself any way you want. 


Who says a PC needs to look like a PC?