Managed IT Services

As the name ‘Managed IT Services’ indicates, we at 8-Bit will manage all your IT services needs – from network and pc hardware, software installations, configurations, maintenance and upgrades, proactive and reactive support and a lot more.

All your IT needs

Are you managing IT or is IT managing you?

Being the owner or manager of a business, your main focus is to run and expand the business. Technology in general and IT specifically, should serve your business aims and goals.

If, however, you are spending too much time running around and organising IT related tasks, then that will directly impact the time you have to focus on the business.

With 8-Bit Technologies, your IT needs will be managed by our team 24×7 so you don’t have to.

What we manage

Our IT consultants will detail your current IT needs and will formulate the most suitable Manages Service Plan for your specific to your business IT requirements. We can manage the following:

  • PC, Laptop support
  • Software support
  • Server support
  • Network Configuration & Management
  • Printer Setup & Management
  • Email & Website Hosting
  • Backup and cloud services
  • Peripheral & accessories

IT Management

8-Bit Managing IT

8-Bit Technologies provides outsourcing of technical support and ongoing maintenance of cloud-based IT services. Managed service solutions by 8-Bit provide more free time from administrative IT tasks by handling the licensing, monitoring, backups, and configuration changes. With fixed monthly pricing, cloud-managed service can be a cost-effective solution for your business.

Preactive Support
Reactive Support
Onsite Support
Remote monitoring and management
Security services

IT Services 24x7

Outsourcing IT, it works!

The biggest corporations in the world have dedicated teams that prioritise IT. Their IT expenditure can ensure the best hardware, software and support services.

Unfortunately, SMBs are faced with the challenge of finding a solution at a fraction of the cost.

8-Bit understands this predicament and offers tailored solutions to fit all budgets without compromising on quality.

With our help, SMBs can reap the benefits of IT support at a much lower cost compared to creating a comparable internal team. Small to medium business owners can pay for the services you need, when you need them, through a subscription-based model, allowing you to scale as needed.

Our IT team is your IT team

Your experts in hardware, software and support